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Hockey Bonds the Terry Brothers

02/20/2018, 3:15pm MST
By Taylor Temby

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Brothers share DNA. When both so happen to play hockey, you could say they have the same ice flowing through their veins.When it came to the frozen sport, Trent Terry never had much of a choice.

"My parents took my brother to an Avalanche game, and he just immediately fell in love with it," he said. "So he started playing, and I just grew up at the rink."

As the life of younger siblings go, Trent would tag along arena to arena. The more time he spent in the rink, the closer he felt to the game -- though, he'll admit, at first he wanted to be a zamboni driver. But one day, he found himself skating into the same passion.

"[Hockey] was always something to bring us closer together," he said of his brother.

Trent's craving for the game came from watching and learning from his older brother, Troy. Pucks flew consistently both in and outside of the Terry household in Highlands Ranch.

"We'd go out and we'd play mini hockey in the basement, or we'd go out in the street and play some street hockey," Trent said.

"You know, unfortunately for him, I kind of made him get in the net, and I only shot at him growing up, so I think he got the short end there," Troy added.

Given their upbringing, it comes as no surprise that Trent became a defenseman and Troy, a forward.

"Obviously I'm not his kind of player where I'm putting the puck through kids, but he can tell me how to stop them," Trent said.

His older brother has always had a special gift for finding the net. Troy Terry is a name that has become very familiar to Colorado hockey fans. In addition to suiting up for the defending national champion University of Denver Pioneers, Troy has made a name for himself with USA Hockey, representing the stars and stripes in two international ice hockey world cups and a world junior championship.Trent's passion for the game has only grown stronger with his brother's success. That's why this month, he flew halfway around the country to support his older brother who was selected for Team USA men's hockey team at the PeyongChang Winter Olympic Games.

"Just the fact that he's going to be an Olympic athlete and we're flying all the way across the world to watch him, it's not just a local thing anymore," Trent said. "It's like the whole world is going to be watching, and it's kind of hard to wrap your head around."

Trent arranged with his high school to take two weeks off so he could be there to see his brother take the ice. While it will require a lot of work to catch up, it was an experience he couldn't miss. After all, his only travels outside of the U.S. prior to the Olympics, was to Canada -- and you guessed it, for a hockey tournament.

"I have such great things to say about [Trent]," Troy said. "He's always happy for me, you know, he always comes to my games, he loves the sport. He's just a fan of the game, and he likes to play."

Terry brothers' support is mutual. Troy does his best to see as many of Trent's games with the U15 Rocky Mountain Roughriders AAA team as he can, while Trent gets down to Magness Arena when his hockey schedule allows. In addition, Troy gives his brother as many tips as possible -- not a bad deal, when you get to learn from an Olympian.

Trent, while just in high school, is already looking ahead to the future as well. His goals include playing junior hockey and later at the Division One level in college.

While Trent and Troy have enjoyed different levels of success in the sport, hockey is something that will always and forever bond them. With these brothers, you could say hockey is a part of their genetics.



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